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Monday, August 13, 2012

For the Love of a Small Press on Romance University

I'm on Romance University today talking about writing for a small press. Follow the link below to read more.
Please give a warm welcome to mystery author Larissa Reinhart! I met Larissa right here on RU last year, and I was lucky enough to share the excitement of her first sale to Henery Press.
Larissa takes the podium to explain the benefits of working with a small press.
Asking me to talk about the publishing world is a lot like asking the mother of a newborn to talk about raising teenagers. My publishing experience is still wonderful and amazing in its infant stage. I am not yet jaded by my book’s sarcastic back talk and it doesn’t yet ignore me to hang with its friends.
So I begin with that qualification. I am still in love with publishing, and IMHO it is due to the small press (Henery Press) with whom I am working. I’ve heard small press horror stories. I’ve also heard plenty of large press horror stories. I can only speak of which I know. So I asked some other authors to contribute their opinions on working with small presses as well. 

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