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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Coming in February: Night Owl Reviews Scavenger Hunt!

Find Your Next Great Read Scavenger Hunt

Find Your Next Great Read Scavenger Hunt February 2015


Find great authors and books during this giveaway event! Read book blurbs and get entered to win awesome prizes! 

For this scavenger hunt you will be reading book blurbs and filling in a missing word(s) from a sentence in the blurb.

You will be entered to win Amazon Gift Cards and eBooks.

Winner Announcement Chat: March, 2nd at 5pm PT / 8 ET in our chat room

Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Southern Sassy Sleuths Cherry Tucker & Tai Randolph

What happens when two mystery writers realize their characters are soul sisters? The writers make their characters meet, much like two friends forcing their children on a playdate. Both characters — gunshop owner Tai Randolph and the artist Cherry Tucker — are sassy, southern spitfires with a penchant for trouble and appetite for justice. After first clearing the scene of dangerous objects, like men and guns, the writers dropped their characters off at a bar and let them get to know each other.

The result: Just Tai and Cherry Talkin', two Georgia girls dishing on life with a side order of solving crimes. Get to know the amateur sleuths, Tai Randolph and Cherry Tucker, in Just Tai and Cherry Talkin', a free read available on Wattpad.

Have you tried Wattpad? It's a social media site for sharing and reading stories. Look for more Cherry Tucker (deleted scenes and shorts) coming to my Wattpad page soon!