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Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Southern Sassy Sleuths Cherry Tucker & Tai Randolph

What happens when two mystery writers realize their characters are soul sisters? The writers make their characters meet, much like two friends forcing their children on a playdate. Both characters — gunshop owner Tai Randolph and the artist Cherry Tucker — are sassy, southern spitfires with a penchant for trouble and appetite for justice. After first clearing the scene of dangerous objects, like men and guns, the writers dropped their characters off at a bar and let them get to know each other.

The result: Just Tai and Cherry Talkin', two Georgia girls dishing on life with a side order of solving crimes. Get to know the amateur sleuths, Tai Randolph and Cherry Tucker, in Just Tai and Cherry Talkin', a free read available on Wattpad.

Have you tried Wattpad? It's a social media site for sharing and reading stories. Look for more Cherry Tucker (deleted scenes and shorts) coming to my Wattpad page soon!

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