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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Writer's Love of Pinterest

I'm at Terry's Place talking about using Pinterest for writing research. For my expat readers, not only do I have boards dedicated to novel research, but I also have boards on Japan and Japanese food. For those interested in Japanese earthquake news, there's a pinner who pins daily a map of Japan with earthquake spots on it.

There’s been a lot of debate lately about Pin­ter­est and how well it works in mar­ket­ing for writ­ers. If you go to Repinly, an offi­cial site of Pin­ter­est, you can find cur­rent sta­tis­tics on pop­u­lar cat­e­gories, activ­i­ties, and pin­ners. Under the Repinly stats on pop­u­lar pins, books don’t even rate a per­cent­age. “Film, Music, & Books” only makes three per­cent of the Pop­u­lar Boards pie chart. How­ever, con­sid­er­ing the #1 pin­ner — with 3,251,754 fol­low­ers — has a board on books, Pin­ter­est is still valu­able for writers.

But, you say, that’s just one more thing I have to do as a writer. I know. I’m with you on the whole time ration of things to do vs. writ­ing. Bear with me.

Check out Rob Eagar’s arti­cle on Pin­ter­est for mar­ket­ing your book in Writer’s Digest. Beth Hay­den also praised Pinterest’s mar­ket­ing appeal in her 56 Ways to Mar­ket Your Busi­ness on Pin­ter­est. Accord­ing to Hay­den, in “Jan­u­ary 2012, Pin­ter­est drove greater traf­fic to web­sites than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Red­dit, and Youtube com­bined.” In both arti­cles, Eagar and Hay­den give help­ful hints on how to use Pin­ter­est for marketing.

I thought I would share how I’m using Pin­ter­est as well, not because I’m a black-belt in Pin­ter­est mar­ket­ing, but because I love the site. I hope that it helps me with mar­ket­ing, but I love it as a great place to do research.



  1. Another great source of all kind of Pinterest stats is Definitely worth to check.

    1. Thanks Renata! Good to know! I'll go check it now.