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Friday, April 4, 2014

New Title for Cherry Tucker! THE BODY IN THE LANDSCAPE

Death in Perspective, Cherry Tucker #4, doesn't release until June, yet here we are announcing the title for #5! Welcome to the revolving door of publishing! 

My editor at Henery Press and I are so excited to announce the title for #5, The Body in the Landscape, which will be out in 2015. The setting for this Cherry Tucker mystery is at a hunting lodge, allowing Cherry to paint en plein air among plenty of weapons, suspects, and motives for murder. This weekend my family and I are headed to Flat Creek Lodge for a research trip. The mystery won't be set at Flat Creek (which is about an hour from Savannah), but they have graciously agreed to let me pester them for inside information on running the lodge (and hopefully don't mind a few questions about the best places to hide a body). 

Have any of you vacationed at a hunting lodge? Any good stories you want to share or some insider tips that might be helpful for my research?

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