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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ExPat Yakitori to Feature in

Hey y'all! It seems our Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) Yakitori post caught the attention called 

"a wiki project providing travelers with
information on local cuisine in cities around the world."
Eat it abroad and make it back home. Pretty cool, huh? So I'm linking that original spring post here, but including the recipe below. Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) are also great for summer grilling!

Cherry Blossom Viewing Yakitori

Basic Yakitori: grilled (yaki) chiciken (tori)

Chicken thigh (about 3 lbs), skinned and boned
2 bundles of green onion (white part only), if you like onion
1/3 c mirin (sweet rice wine for cooking, you can substitute cooking sherry)
2 T soy sauce
1/2 t minced fresh ginger (we use ginger paste, works nicely)
1 clove minced or pressed garlic
bamboo skewers soaked in water (so they don't burn)

Cut chicken into about 1 inch pieces, making certain the pieces are roughly the same size. If you're using onion, cut them into 1 1/4 inch lengths. The chicken will shrink.

Mix the marinade and soak the chicken. Some recipes will have you thread the chicken on the skewers and brush the marinade on while it's cooking. You can do it either way. Marinating is easier and you get a stronger sauce flavor. You know how I feel. It's your kitchen. Whatever.

Skewer the chicken alternating with the green onion if you're using the onion. 

Grill the skewered chicken on a grill or broiler. Cook, turning once, until meat is no longer pink inside.

Aspara-Bacon and Tomato-Bacon

Rinse the vegetables. Wrap a 1/2 piece of bacon around each veg.

For the asparagus use 2 skewers and thread about 4 aspara-bacon horizontally (will look like a ladder). 

Use bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes (grape tomatoes are too small, others are too big) and thread them on one skewer.

Grill or broil for about 15 minutes until bacon is crisp.
Asparabacon from Isekaya Ginji restaurant


  1. Oh all of those sound so yummy...Huge congrats on them picking your post up.This is wonderful.

  2. This looks yum and maybe easy enough for me not to screw up!

    1. You won't screw this up, although it does involve fire and therefore, I worry.